Monday, August 23, 2010

Kellogg might be #1 in marketing, but what about sales?

Kellogg is the best brand in Marketing education; few people will refute this claim. However, I am always surprised that not much is taught in terms of sales. As this
article pointed out, there is not much education in sales in most universities; I feel though that the gap is even bigger at the MBA level. Think how many people end up in sales related roles? Consulting, Banking, Marketing, Biz Dev to just name a few. Kellogg does offer some resources:

1. The Entrepreneurial Selling Class

2. The Sales Force Management class

3. In some sense, the Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship clubs

I think there needs to be a lot more done on sales education, not just at Kellogg but at other schools as well. I did some research on courses related to sales, and I could find atmost one or two courses at each of HBS, Stanford , Wharton and MIT Sloan. The school that probably puts the most emphasis on sales is MIT Sloan through the MIT Sloan sales club, MIT Sloan Sales conference and MIT Sloan sales competition, in which I participated last year (I am the guy with the glasses in the 2nd row trying to make sure that my face shows). Maybe Kellogg should start a sales club this year. Any other Kellogg students interested?