Monday, March 5, 2012

The diaper shift blog post

Ideas come to us in the craziest places. And the craziest times. Most of my ideas occur to me between 4 and 5 AM. What I am doing up at that time? Doing my duty on the diaper shift.

Every night, our daughter Simran gets up at this time from her first shift of sleep, to eat. Now I cannot feed her; what I can do is the 'diaper changing and putting her to sleep' part. She is awake some of the time; but then gets very sleepy, and as I rock her to sleep, my mind wanders.

For some reason, this is when thoughts start occurring to me - thoughts related to ideas that I was thinking about the day before. And its not just disjointed thoughts - thoughts often come in as a coherent whole. I try to jot down these thoughts in my notebook before I go back to sleep, as I can often translate them directly into a blog post. There is a blog post that I will write soon titled Skillshare vs. Sidetour - I have the entire outline, with all major points ready. And that thought came to be - on the diaper shift.


  1. I actually realized that I had read about this phenomena in a book titled 'The Riddle' by Professor Andrew Razeghi from Kellogg. The point I had noted down was "
    While you sleep information is reorganized in your brain and new relationships are formed. Keep a journal on nightstand. Just before sleeping write about a problem you are thinking about; once you wake up, write down as many solutions as you can imagine"

  2. Hey Shobhit, love your Blog and looking forward to reading your post about Skillshare/Sidetour! Keep on the good work and your diet! ;)