Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multi Tasking

Like all of us, I multi-task. A bit too much. While on a call for work, I would be checking my email while trying to catch up on the blogs I read through Feed Demon.

One of the things I am trying this month, is from the book 'The Power of Less.' The simple idea - I will try my best to single task, and report my progress on my blog everyday. Not that my blog is followed so widely that I need to worry about boring my readers.

So today, I did make some progress. I concentrated solely on my work related call, and was surprised that I was able to come up with inputs that normally I don't. And I really listened. Now that I am blogging, I am just blogging. Not checking my crackberry simultaneuously - which is really a disease! I wish I could get rid of it. At least I have shut off the buzz when new email comes in. Now if I can figure out how to turn off the red light that indicates a new email, I would be golden!

UPDATE: I just turned the red light off!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3 - D

Over the past few days I have come across 2 promotional articles on 3-D movies. monsters, mcdonald advertismemts are all taking advantage of the latest technology. They even included 3 D glasses with the time and fortune magazines. Is a 3-D magazine on kindle the next big thing?

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Power of Less

There is an interesting book I am reading nowadays. It is called The Power of Less, and as the title suggests, it talks about how to limit oneself to the most important things in life. It has some excellent tips on how to narrow down your commitments, how to organize a simple schedule and really how to enjoy life! I highly recommend it!