Monday, March 31, 2014

Sage advice for a product manager

As a Product Manager, you need to be the wise, old man (i.e., sage).


The services team will come up with 'Need to implement this feature' now to solve implementation problems.

The CEO will have wild, crazy ideas that suddenly seem like top priorities.

The sales team will need that one-off feature that wins you the deal of the century.

At this time, remind them of the priorities. Remind them why you decided to go in the original direction. Ask them how things have changed since them. Ask them if their latest, urgent request really matters a month from now. Or 10 months from now.

The the sage - the wise old man that remains centered, calm while everyone around runs in Chaos. Take the product to its intended, long term direction.

With an open mind

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to lose users

Upgrade without any notification. Tell your users - hey we will be back on Monday. It does not matter if you use our software to plan work for the week. We will not be around; and no, we did not tell you, and did not give you an option to download data in any format.