Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to lose users

Upgrade without any notification. Tell your users - hey we will be back on Monday. It does not matter if you use our software to plan work for the week. We will not be around; and no, we did not tell you, and did not give you an option to download data in any format.



  1. Hi, this is Dimitar from Kanbanize. I am writing this as a human being and not as a Kanbanize employee.

    First, let me share that I do understand your frustration with this upgrade, it's true that it didn't happen in the smoothest way possible. But it was not the case that we didn't care about our users. It was rather an emergency and must-act-fast situation. You will NOT find a lot of companies out there that care for their users more than we do. Just take my word for that.

    To be honest I got really mad with your post this morning. We spend a lot of money maintaining the service free, we work countless hours to make it better every day and getting this in return is quite disappointing. We have learnt from our mistakes and this would have never happened again anyways.

    Although I feel hurt on a purely emotional level, I will be professional and I will invite you back to Kanbanize. It is a great service and such a stupid misunderstanding should not deprive you from the privilege of using it.

    Best regards,

  2. I appreciate your reply, and knowing that you care. I will be back from this weekend onwards (when I plan for next week). What would be great - either notify users, or just mention what you just did on the page that said 'We are moving servers.' People do understand, but only if you tell them