Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mark of a great idea

In my opinion, the mark of an idea is that it seems obvious once someone has done it/mentioned it. A great example is this - whenever I have gone to a Yoga class, I have always felt that I was one of the handful of guys in a class dominated by women. Did I really belong here?

Enter Broga Yoga - a Yoga class designed specifically for men. Now that I think of it - its an obvious way to solve this problem. But only now is it obvious - not before it was created.

Another similar idea is Hipmunk - why should flights not be displayed in a calendar format? I want to quickly see which flight will match the times I want to fly? But it took over a decade after online ticketing had gone mainstream before such a concept appears.

Great ideas are obvious in hindsight, but it takes a flash of brilliance to get the idea.

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