Saturday, December 27, 2008

Apple customer service

I recently had a bittersweet experience with apple customer service.

One fine morning, I had a problem with my ipod, and went to the apple store in NYC, hoping to have it fixed. Now I expected some wait; but the guy told me that I needed an appointment, and my expected time in line was at 11 PM. That was 8 hours away! He said it was like the doctor's office! Comparing your company's customer service to America's healthcare system is not exactly flattering.

Anyhow, I went back home, and then went online to see if I could find an apple store where I was (NJ) and make an appointment. The service was amazing - it was a snap to find a store, schedule an appointment online, and I was served 5 minutes after my appointment time!

So is apple service great, or does it sucks? I would vote for great, only hope that they spend more effort educating people about how to use their service. I hope they do, so that their shares go up :)

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