Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vonage Visual Voicemail

Vonage Visual Voicemail is a cool thing - it translates the voice message to text, and emails it to you, along with a .wav file of the original voicemail. I was so surprised that I got this voicemail this morning:

"Kathy, It's Alice. And I'm just looking at this snow, I'm wondering if you're gonna be coming. So, give me the word. It looks bad to seeing. Just like give me the word anyway. I'll be happy to see you no matter what. But, just take your time. Thank you. Bye-bye."

I called back, and got a retirement home. I had the message passed back to Alice - but the operator did not know which Alice. She said that she was going to try to find the right one. I would never know if she did. The woman who left the voicemail sounded frail and weak. I really hope she gets the message, and gets to see Kathy.

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