Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hack Wall Street

I have a T Shirt which says 'Hack Wall Street,' from a company known as Tower Research Capital. The company specializes in quantitative trading and investment strategies, activity that can be argued to have contributed to the financial crisis. But when I wear this T-Shirt on 'Main Street' I get different reactions.

The other day I wore this on my flight to Atlanta. I got two compliments from 2 different women aged between 50 and 70, about how much they loved the shirt. I guess this is reflective of the mood; wall street is interpreted as a group of suit-wearing, MBA degree carrying, greedy workaholics. And my T-Shirt is interpreted as a protest - a war cry - against the stereotypical Wall street types causing the mess that main street is dealing with. While the T-Shirt is from a firm very much a part and parcel of Wall Street. As, the irony of interpretation.

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