Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Problem: Solution ideas welcome

I love to blog my opinions, but here I am posting this entry to ask for suggestions for a problem. A group of us want to be able to share interesting articles from RSS Feeds with each other. Do you know if there is a way to do this? To explain the scenario in more detail:

1. I want to form a group with my friends on some site forum
2. Each of us is going to read some technology related RSS feeds, probably using Google Reader and FeedDemon
3. We want to 'clip' the interesting, relevant articles we find and post it to another RSS feed for the whole group (rather than emailing this article to everyone)
4. Each group member should also be able to subscribe to this RSS Feed, and mark articles read/unread etc, as we would do with a normal RSS Feed.

I haven't been able to find any tool so far that lets us do this easily. If you know any such tool, please leave a comment. Your help appreciated!


  1. I used to use to share links with my entire class. I kind of like it because you can tag things in there too. Each person can create an account and then you can create a network. Plus, there is a good add-on for firefox.

  2. Digg would be a good option.

    I haven't tried this use the 'Send To' option in Google Reader. Create a new twitter account and each one of you'll can subscribe to this twitter feed in your Reader.

    You share the links from your bunch of RSS feeds with the entire group and the usual functionality of Reader stays. The group members can also share the access of this twitter account, each of you'll can manage it and share links via various desktop or mobile clients.

    Please let us know what you eventually use :)