Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nuvention Web: Adaptly featured

Nuvention Web is a two quarter course at Northwestern which I took during my first year at Kellogg. And I am so glad that I did the course.

The course is unique, because it gives participants a full experience of ideating, building and launching a web or mobile based startup, all in the space of six months. Our professors, Mike Marasco and Todd Warren, did an amazing job of guiding the teams through the process, in addition to bringing in great speakers from fields ranging from software development, technology marketing and venture capital, to discuss these various aspects of the business plan.

Ultimately, the course ended up being different things to different people; for some, it was a way of going through the experience of launching a startup; others are going a step further and continuing their ideas after the course. My startup, Adaptly, is part of a summer incubator program (location and name undisclosed for now :)

They say a picture says a thousand words - well how about a video? How about three videos? Here is a link to the course press release - go to it, or just view the videos below. Be sure to watch the last video - I am in it :)

The Course

Team PresentBee

Team Adaptly

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