Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And now, three things to improve @ Kellogg

Wait, what? I am complaining about this wonderful place? Really? I believe that everything can be improved. So can Kellogg. There are some small but important things that the school can do better. Read on...

1. Less teamwork: Yes. Less teamwork. Teamwork is Kellogg's biggest strength. Yet forcing teamwork into almost very assignment and every course does not work. I feel that some courses like accounting, some types of accounting courses etc. do not have to have a team component. Let everyone master these hard skills on their own. Often teamwork is a distraction to these courses.

2. More debate and dissent: Kellogg people are nice. Super nice. I would say, sometimes too nice. In the real world people are ready to passionately debate your point of view, not just say 'Thats a great point, but....' We should encourage students to voice opinions openly, to call out a classmate when his/her comment adds zero value. We should encourage them to let the professor know when a group member is not contributing. So should the professors. Some of my favorite professors have told me point blank in class "You are wrong."

3. More study rooms and better food: everyone's favorite complaints

That's it. Three things at Kellogg that can be done better for sure.


  1. Less teamwork yet more debate/dissent. Isn't that fundamentally antithetical? It's group/team work that serves as the basis for debate and dissent in order to move forward and develop working solutions to your projects.

    And there's more than enough individual work in the real world. I think Kellogg's support of group/team work is good and should remain withstanding.

  2. Glad to see your dissent! First, It is not antithetical (BTW I had to look up the meaning of that word) because there is so much group work, that reducing it somewhat in classes that don't suit it particularly well would still leave students with more than enough team and group work opportunities. Kellogg should always be a team place, just does not need it in every single class.
    Second, another place for debate and dissent is class discussions - which is where we need more debate/dissent

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