Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some lessons on Networking

A few months ago, I had written a post on Recruiting for a Startup role. Which involved a lot of Networking. Ever since, I have a few more reflections to add on the topic.

  1. Recruiting network lasts - I had been networking for a while before searching for a job. But even the connections I had reached out to explicitly seeking a job have been great in staying in touch. So don't approach networking during a job search as a transaction affair. There are several roles that I recruited for, where I was not the right fit. But those people have offered me help, advice, guidance on my current role at Lattice
  2. Introductions - this is more expressing a pet peeve than anything else. If you reach out to a friend  or acquaintance (lets say its Mr. F) to make an introduction to someone (lets say Mr. VIP), and your friend sends an email introducing you to Mr. VIP, make sure you reply to email expressing enthusiasm for being introduced to Mr. VIP Right away. Definitely within 24 hours, and ideally before Mr. VIP responds. There have been cases where I have introduced someone to Mr. VIP, and said 'I will let you two connect' - but NO ONE followed up.
  3. Same way, if you are reaching out to someone for help, you have to make time for them. Canceling on someone repeatedly, or requesting several time changes makes is clear what your priorities are.

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