Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Whenever I face adverse situations, I cannot but think of one story my aunt told me recently.The story involves Biji (my maternal grandmother, on the left) and Bauji (my maternal grandfather).

The time - around 1947, when India gained independence, and was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Biji and Bauji lived in the Pakistan side of Punjab, with their eldest daughter (my mom), their eldest son (my uncle), and with Biji preganent with another son (my younger uncle). With the partition, they decided to move to the India side - to Delhi. Biji started gathering all her valuables and jewelry . Bauji told her to just take the kids and leave. He said, "Zinda raha to sab kuchh phirse bana doonga." Translated it means "if I stay alive, I would make everything again from scratch."

Biji moved to Delhi with the kids. Bauji eventually moved there and found Biji. It was all based on trust - there were no cellphones, no way to track where she was. Eventually they did rebuild everything they had, and a lot more. They went on to have four wonderful kids and nine grandchildren.

Whenever I think of all the adverse situations I have faced, I cannot but think of how they all are trivial as compared to what Biji and Bauji faced. I cannot but feel inspired, and feel proud of having such grandparents. I miss them.
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  1. That was beautiful...you brought a tear to my.

  2. Love u for bringing tears to my eyes