Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A baby Roomba!

I have been on parental leave for the past 3 weeks, taking care of my daughter Simran. It's been an amazing time! Now having some free time has led to some ideas for products for parents and kids. One of them is baby Roomba.

Roomba, as you might already know, is a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your house on its own.It has collision detection sensors and complex algorithm so that it travels throughout your house, cleaning every nook and corner, while you might be away at work. And at the end, it heads back to the charging station.

Now how does this apply to kids? My daughter, and kids in general, love it when you carry them around the house. They love the warmth of you holding them, and the motion that puts them to sleep. While this is one of the best times of the day for me to bond with my daughter, depending on the kid, it can get tiring. Especially if you haven't had time to sleep much.

Enter the Kid Roomba, a heated chair where you strap in the kid, which moves around the house. Similar to a Roomba, it will detect collisions and switch directions; giving the kid a similar experience as being carried around the house. There are already vibrating chairs like this one, why not a moving chair?

The only downfall I see is that parents over-use it, and bond with the kid less and less. But other than that - someone should invent it!

Update: Here are some YouTube videos of parents who actually hacked a solution! And rabbits like to rid the Roomba!

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