Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bye Bye Delicious. Hello evernote

I have been a loyal user of Delicious since early 2010. Finally, I have decided to move on - to Evernote! There were several reasons why I decided to make the switch:

1. We live in a world where we use several services together. For example, I use Read it Later to mark items I want to - well, read later. I also use Evernote for my notes, web clippings, thoughts etc. And I used to user Delicious for my bookmarks. They worked seamlessly with each other - I could mark an item as 'Read later' using my Read It Later web browser plugin, then read it on my Read it Later iPad app, and then save it to my delicious bookmarks list from the app while marking it as read. Until the delicious API started failing on me - especially from Read It Later iPad app. All, apparently because of some changes to the API which broke the connection with the Read It App. Lesson: Please do not break your most basic API services - people will leave

2. When I looked at what my alternatives were, the best one was to just export all by Bookmarks to Evernote. I found an article here that allowed me to export my book marks and import to Evernote with a little bit of work. There was a little bit extra work required, as the Delicious bookmark only returns the first 1000 results, and I had to repeat this process again, passing the argument 'start=1000' to retreive the next 1000 results, to get all my bookmarks. Ultimately, in 30 minutes, I had all my bookmarks in Evernote. Now the tags still do not work properly - but I see this as an opportunity to read through some of my bookmarks and consolidate them, so that I can actually find things I need. A painful process, but well worth the effort.

Now I use Shareholic and Read it Later plugin in my browser to move things where appropriate. So bye bye Delicious. Hello again, Evernote!


  1. This article is written by an Evernote marketing consultant. This cannot be objective.

  2. I did a project with Evernote while I was at business school. Thats because I love their product.

    Also, this is my blog, hence my opinions. I don't claim it to be objective