Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Gamification, or applying Game mechanics to everyday activities, is a trend thats super interesting to me. has already been known to apply game Mechanics to motivate people to achieve financial goals. Just today, announced a $2MM fundraising round. The intent of the site is to motivate people achieve financial goals Product Explanation from on Vimeo.

Three problems. First, I get this error when trying to add an account to the site on the iPad. That is not good. It does not give this error when used on Firefox on a PC.

Second, effort involved in importing all my financial information (which is already in is too much. Especially as I run into more issues on my PC! For example, accounts were in progress of being added, and then I get this error.

And the third? Just by adding an account, I got a Super Saver badge. I have no idea what this badge means - and unlike a Foursquare Mayor badge, it has no significance to me. Especially since it is not proportional to my action!

The concept certainly is promising, and I sincerely hope that the product gets there too!

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