Friday, May 1, 2009

I hate delta

UPDATE: I emailed Delta about this. They re-terated their policies (irritating) but gave me a $100 certificate to be used on the next flight. Cribbing works!!

After being a fan of delta airlines over the past few years, I have really started disliking them. 2 incidents led me to do this:

1. One morning my flight to Detroit was delayed due to a technical glitch. I was supposed to go to Atlanta later in the day, so I got off the flight and had my ticket changed to an evening flight to Atlanta. I went back home for the rest of the day, but delta refused to pay me for a cab back to home and back to the airport.

2. Recently I had a flight booked from Boston to Chicago and back. I had a work trip scheduled the day before to Chicago, so I figured I could tell Delta that I wouln't take the first leg. They get an extra seat, I get convenience and everyone is happy! WRONG! I had to pay a $150 CHANGE FEE to make the change to my ticket. Why? Because I apparently violated my contract with delta.

After 2 years of being platinum and gold medallion, and spending so much money with them, these events have totally ticked me off. A great case in how you get your customers to start taking their business elsewhere!


  1. Please name another airline that pays a local passengers cab fare (to anywhere) because they don't want to wait at the airport, regardless of whose fault the wait is.

  2. American! We got cab fair from them because of a delay...And I have no frequent flyer status with them