Thursday, May 21, 2009

More from the Palazzo

Vegas was supposed to be the place with the perks! Free rooms if you gamble a lot, free drinks etc. etc. Well, no more. The hotel I am staying at Palazzo has a nice gym. However it charges a nominal usage fee - $30 a day! Down from $40 a day, because my company is having a conference there.

Seeing that I could not exercise at the gym, it was time to look for alternatives. I found these free, on-demand videos on the hotel TV which were pretty awesome. I did a 10 minute stretch workout which stretched muscles that I did not existed! The videos were free, courtesy of a site called Exercise TV which features these free videos as well. They make money by selling these videos as DVDs, or as videos for your portable devices. The try-before-you-buy business model seems sound; by providing the free videos at the hotel, they get publicity, and new customers. The hotel benefits, and customers like me (who are too cheap, or maybe too sane to pay $30 to workout) benefit.

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