Thursday, May 14, 2009


This startup is awesome! It enables you to put your phone on the web (well not the best description - I am sure I can do better)! See the youtube video below


  1. Shobit, Cool technology. But the real threat to Skydeck is having the similar tool on the mobile device itself. Only features I found useful are voice to text conversion and using computer interface to save your minutes (if this is a feature). At times, when people are running away from computers and toward mobile devices, having another time consuming "paid" tool would not be helpful, in my views. But people who travel outside the country a lot, this is a worth paying product to keep track of calls and messages to some extent, and to avoid hefty roaming charges.

    What you think?

  2. I agree, but we are still not at a point when 'minutes' on cellphones are unlimited. I think that is a key aspect of Skydeck. Of course quality of VOIP is not always the best, though it has undergone tremendous progress in the last few years. Very interested to see how this pans out. Would certainly be following skydeck in the months to come